Just Ask, Don’t Grab – Take action on unwanted attention now!

Warning: This has potentially triggering content

Let’s start the decade by getting the harassment of Disabled Women and non-binary folk made illegal in Britain as making something illegal is to bring in consequences for perpetrators.
It is a genuine fear and a reality lived by many members of the disability community, with statistics showing that Disabled people are more than twice as likely to experience sexual assault and harassment. A petition has been launched to campaign towards a law being passed which makes harassment crime. Please sign this petition and make the world a slightly safer place.

Every day a Disabled person will encounter someone who wants to ‘help’, even if it isn’t asked for – hese people aren’t necessarily doing wrong by wanting to help out. Even worse, there are instances where people will, retaliate with aggression after being told ‘no’. Then there are the people who might ‘help’ to get people’s trust before doing something worse, such as sexual assault or inappropriately propositions which can be physically and mentally damaging to a Disabled person’s wellbeing.

In recent years we have seen the rise of campaigns to raise awareness of sexual assault and harassment such as #MeToo and #Timesup which has dominated the media. Thanks to social media people are finally speaking out, whether it be to share their story or showing solidarity.

We in the disability community have a similar tag of #JustAskDontGrab to share their stories and experiences of being ‘helped’ when they didn’t want it and weren’t asked if they did’ to inform the wider public of how best to help someone and with the importance of asking a Disabled people if they want any help. Fashion magazine Grazia has highlighted the campaign which has increased in support.

Sign the petition here – https://www.change.org/p/make-street-harassment-illegal-in-…

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A Group of Geography Students Need You!

A group of geography students from the University are exploring the topic of disability in Bristol, and they want your help.  

They will be focusing on two specific areas:

1.      Exploring the mobility issues and challenges Disabled people with mobility difficulties (visible and hidden) face in their everyday lives around the city of Bristol.

2.      The impact of these challenges and whether these people feel physically, mentally or socially excluded as a result.

 The project task:

The students want to find out:

To what extent Bristol is a disabling city?

How might the spaces and places within Bristol shape how Disabled people see themselves (and are seen or not seen by others)?

Whether the city is encountered differently by people with impairments and long-term conditions, and in what ways?

How is physical difference included within, or excluded from (either implicitly or explicitly), the city?

Are some kinds of impairment or long term condition more readily accommodated than others within Bristol?

Who are they looking for?3 icons, representing: one walking stick user; one wheelchair user; and one vision impaired person.

One of the students, Will Greenslade said,

“We would like to speak to people who have faced … (mobility difficulties) and we would ideally like to conduct our meeting face-to-face.  We are very happy to chat in an informal environment or in the form of a focus group, whichever is preferable for the interviewee.  We would like to speak to 2 or 3 of your members and if possible to a member of your staff.  Their input will be used for our project (see below) for us to explore these challenges people with … (mobility difficulties) face.  We would ideally like to arrange a meeting close to 15th January 2020 (but not before).

Our timescale for our project – we have two weeks commencing on the 13th January to gather data and finalise an 8,000 word report.  We will then be presenting our findings on the 13th February 2020 to our lecturers and a number of students.”

These are the city planners of tomorrow so would you like to help them be inclusive ones? 

If so:

telling us your name and your contact details, and giving us permission to pass your information on to the students. 

Don’t forget to ask for all information on how you will be treated, how they will protect your protection and how they will make sure all interviews will be kept confidential – before you agree to be interviewed.

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International Day of Disabled People 2019

Today is #InternationalDayofDisabledPeople – a day in which the world reflects on what needs to be addressed to be as inclusive and accessible as possible.

On the weekend we held our Annual General Meeting and Launched our brand new Forging our Future Disability History Project which we will be be bringing the younger generation and older generations of Disabled people together in learning and creating new resources for the wider public to be educated on Disability rights, history and much more.

“It’s time we take the opportunity to appreciate the activists before us, while passing over the torch to the future generations.” – Winnie Wilkins


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AGM – Volunteers Needed

We need volunteers to act as parking attendant’s for the AGM on November 30th. The role will be helping people get tickets from the machine to put in their windscreens.

If you can let us know if you can help, it would be very much appreciated.

If you haven’t already said whether you will be in attendance or not; please could you do so by either email, letter or phone.

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Public Health Domestic and Sexual Abuse Recommission Survey

Services for those affected by domestic and sexual abuse are being recommissioned in order that Public Health have new contracts in place by August 1st 2021.

In order to facilitate this Public Health are gathering views and information to inform the process. One way that you can contribute is to complete the survey through the link below:


Closing date 12 noon 26th November 2019

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Surviving Winter with a Chronic Illness by Bristol Disability Blogger Niamh Gabrielle

With the cold weather and dark nights officially upon us, it is important for Disabled and Chronically ill people to be as comfortable and safe as possible. Bristol blogger Niamh Gabrielle has written her own personal guide into surviving winter while Disabled and Chronically ill. Click here to read her personal blog post.

Keep up to date with Niamh on the following Socials:

Blog – https://www.niamhgabrielle.co.uk/

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/niamhgabriellex/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/NiamhGabrielleX

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/niamhgabriellex/

Please note we as an organisation don’t endorse any of the products featured in this post.

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Urgent – Mental Health Act Review by National Survivor User Network

Mental Health Act Review – Support Urgently needed!

Over the last few months a number of user-led groups have been campaigning for major changes in the Mental Health Act Review recommendations, to bring them in line with full human rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 

Will you help stop compulsory detention in hospital of people with mental health difficulties, autism and/or learning difficulties?  Then please support this campaign by:

  1. Using a one-page campaign sheet, available here, to get more signatures for the campaign from both individuals and organisations?
  2. Using a model letter for MP candidates to call on them to support this campaign?

You can find a copy with hyperlinks here and one with full web links here. For guidance about how to contact MP candidates, see here.

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