Coronavirus News in Brief 14th May 2020

1.      Car parks serving parks in Bristol are set to reopen on Thursday 14th May.

2.      Recycling centres will reopen to the public next week, from Monday 18th May.

There will be strict social distancing in place and the number of people able to access the sites will be limited so, it would be good if people only travel to a recycling centre if it is absolutely essential and the items cannot be safely stored at home.

For the first two weeks an odd and even number plate system will be in place, which means people will only be able to visit on certain days.  Initially only cars and small vans will be allowed to use the site.  It is not clear how this will work so visit the Council’s website to find out more information, next week.

3.      Information about changes to advice services

Most advice services have stopped all face-to-face appointments but still offering advice via telephone and email.  To see the latest update, please see here.

4.      Wellbeing and Covid-19 information in other languages

Every Mind Matters has produced 10 Tips to Help if You’re Worried about Coronavirus.  These tips are available to download in Bengali, Gujarati, Polish, Punjabi. Romani, Romanian, Russian, Somali and Urdu here.

5.      Updated booklet on dealing with stress and depression during covid-19

Community Access to Support Services (CASS) have updated their booklet on stress and depression, and produced a booklet on Grief.  You can find both here .

CASS have also produced a ‘mindfulness’ audio tool to help you get off to sleep.  If you haven’t yet tried it out you can get hold of it here.  This will help your mind switch off, relax and drift away…. Ahhh!

6.      Easy English packs for keeping busy and well during Coronavirus

Do you need information in Easy English?  Mencap has created a range of activity packs and ideas, all in Easy English, here.

7.      Support for those needing support managing their Self Injury

Bristol’s Self Injury and Support service has produced self-help information on coping with Covid-19, for those who self-harm.  You can find this information here.

8.      Infection control e-learning course

Infection prevention and control are essential to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). This video-based course for care providers in care homes and home care, provided by the Social Care Institute for Excellence, will teach you about the spread of infection and what you can do to protect both yourself and the people you care for.

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