Coronavirus Update 15th June 2020

Shops re-open

From today, “non-essential” shops such as clothing shops and department stores, including our major shopping areas, Cabot Circus and the Galleries, can re-open.

There will be signs about keeping a safe distance from others and queue management similar to those that ‘essential’ (e.g. food) shops have being using since the start of lockdown, to help make sure shoppers can be safe and keep the safe distance from others that we have become used to.

Shopping areas are likely to be very busy so try to limit your visits (where possible) to avoid risk of infection and continue to walk, cycle or drive if you can. Only use public transport if you have no other way of getting to your destination.

Places of worship

Also from today, places of worship are allowed to open for individual prayer as long as they keep to the social distancing guidelines.
Group prayer is not allowed at this stage, and you may find that some places of worship won’t open until they are confident it is safe to do so.

New rules on using public transport

Central Government has announced that, from Monday 15 June, anyone travelling on public transport in England must wear face coverings, if able. Exemptions for the use of face coverings will apply to those with certain specific health conditions, some Disabled people and children under the age of 11.

This change is in line with advice from the World Health Organisation and the new rules apply to travel by bus, coach, train, tram, tube, ferry or plane. For more information, visit the government website. If you are looking for more information on who does not have to wear a face covering, it is near the bottom of the page.

Please note that the advice to wear face coverings also applies to taxis and a driver can refuse to take you if you are not wearing one.

Changes to Parks

Some changes have been made in our parks to relax some of the recent restrictions, based government guidance. These are:

  • Tennis courts re-opened at Redcatch Park;
  • multi-use games areas (e.g. hard court, enclosed spaces like basketball courts) across the city are now open;
  • play areas and equipment are staying closed;
  • food and drinks places in our parks have now re-opened.

At the moment the Council is still deciding whether it is safe, or not, to re-open the facilities at Ashton Court and Blaise Estate. They are also looking at how they can safely re-open public toilets.

Please continue to take care when using outdoor facilities and continue to follow social distancing guidelines – it is the most important way of protecting yourself and others from catching coronavirus.

You can find more information on the council’s website.

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