Are you worried about accessing your finances during the coronavirus ‘lockdown’?

The first thing to do is contact your bank to find out what plans they are putting in place. If you need to give people you know well and trust shopping money, you can do a direct transfer from your account to that person’s bank account. If you are relying on local volunteers that you don’t know, don’t give them cash – arrange to see the receipt first, then transfer that amount to their account, using you bank’s telephone or internet system.  If the volunteer insists on cash, point out:
a.  everywhere is asking for people to pay by card, so cash is pointless, and b.  you are promising to transfer the money immediately you get the receipt, so it will go in only a few minutes after they have used their card. This means they shouldn’t/won’t be short of funds in their account. If they won’t accept that, you should probably not use them for shopping.  

If you use PayPal
If you are a PayPal customer and are unsure of how you will pay your PayPalCredit bill this month, or need assistance on how best to send money safely and affordably to friends and family, we want to help. You can find immediate answers to your questions on the PayPal Help Center, or by clicking “Help” located on any PayPal page or email.

We stand ready to help you with safe, secure and affordable digital payment services as you navigate these uncertain financial times:
Person-to-person (P2P) payments are a quick, safe and easy way to send and receive money with PayPal.
Xoom allows you to send money quickly, securely and safely to support your loved ones who live in other countries. With PayPal you can donate online or on your phone to the charities helping fight the cause.
Look for Purchase Protection and Return Shipping on Us where available when buying and paying online. PayPal will never ask you for any of your personal information on an approved merchants’ site. If you are looking for other local product offerings that can help you, please go to your local PayPal or Xoom site, or PayPal, and Xoom apps, to learn more.
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