News Update from Bristol City Council 29th May 2020

Distancing measures to support walking and cycling in the city

Bristol City Council is making changes to some streets, to help people follow social distancing across the city, so that it is safer for people to travel on foot or by bike.  

The aim of the changes is to protect people from infection, keep them moving and create space outside shops for safe queuing before non-essential shops re-open on 15 June.

The changes include: 
•    Gaol Ferry Bridge – now a one way system (marked by painted arrows, and extra warning signs).
•    Bedminster Parade (eastern side) – the parking bays on the eastern side have gone and there are yellow lines. 
•    Clifton Village – the parking bays on both sides of Princess Victoria Street from Regent Street to The Mall, and on the east side of the Mall between Princess Victoria Street and Caledonia Place will disappear, from Tuesday 2 June.
•    St Mark’s Road, Easton – most of the parking bays on the part of St Mark’s Road between Berwick Road and Henrietta Street will disappear, from Tuesday 2 June.

The Council are speeding up their plans for pedestrianising the Old City, which will help improve the air quality in Bristol and create more space for cultural events and activities.

The Council are also looking at sustainable transport options and assessing other areas of the city that could be improved by having wider pavements.

Whilst the focus on walking space for pedestrians makes a nice change, Bristol Disability Equality Forum is concerned that these changes don’t mention creating any Blue Badge parking for Disabled people, to make up for the number of parking bays that have been taken away.

We have written to the Council about this but not had a reply yet – and the changes have gone ahead, despite what we have said.

 So, if you think Disabled people who can’t walk far should still be able to shop, contact your local councillor, asking them to get the Council to:

a.      replace just a few of the parking spaces they have taken away with Blue Badge parking, OR

b.      put in clear signage exempting Blue Badge holders from the new parking restrictions, OR

c.      your own idea on how to make these streets accessible to those who need to park close to where they need to shop.

You could also ask them what they are going to do to stop cyclists using these pavements, so that we can all keep the right distance from other people when we are out shopping.

The councillors’ contact details are:

Gaol Ferry Bridge and Bedminster ParadeCouncillor Mark Bradshaw and Councillor Celia Phipps

Clifton VillageCouncillor Paula O Rourke and Councillor Jerome Thomas

St. Mark’s RoadCouncillor Ruth Pickersgill and Councillor Afzal Shah

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