Remembering Manjeet Kaur

Manjeet Kaur died on Saturday 25th April in Manchester.  As her friend, Rebecca Yeo says,

“She had survived a lot of injustice, including many years of deliberate abuse and inhumanity by the UK asylum system.  As a Disabled woman she faced extra hostility and relentless barriers meeting her daily needs.  But she never ever sank to their level. She remained actively committed to a better world, she was caring, compassionate, wise, loving and fun to the end.”

We first met Manjeet when she was involved in a Disabled Refugees Mural project run by Rebecca Yeo, and her ability to rally people to action over issues was clear.  This was first installed in Bristol, but Manjeet was among a small group who took these messages to different parts of the country including Parliament, the Guardian newspaper, and the University of Leeds. 

This was also seen in her agreeing to be a speaker at the Disabled Refugees event an number of organisations, including the Forum, put on in Bristol.

As  Ellen Clifford from DPAC says, “She leaves behind an enormous hole in the fight for social justice and in our hearts.” 

We send our deepest condolences to her family and most particularly to her daughter.  

(Rebecca is collecting photographs and tributes to create an album for Manjeet’s daughter.  If you have anything to share, please send it to: by 1st June 2020, with the subject line: Manjeet)

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