Supermarket opening times in Bristol area

Supermarket opening times in Bristol area

Aldi 8am -8pm

(8am – 9am  for most vulnerable)

Asda 8am – 9pm

(8am – 9am  for most vulnerable)

                       Co-op 7am – 8pm (petrol stores till 11pm)

(8am – 9am  for most vulnerable Mo – Sat; 11am on Sundays)

Costco 10am – 8.30pm

Iceland 8am – 6pm

(8am – 10am on Wednesdays for most vulnerable)

Lidl 8am -8pm

(some individual stores have changed from this)

M& S foodhalls 8am – 8pm

Morrisons 9am -8pm

(9am – 10am  for most vulnerable)

Sainsburys  8am – 8pm

(Mon, Wed, Fri 8am-9am for most vulnerable)

Waitrose open as usual

Other essential places open are:



Petrol stations

Bicycle shops

Home and Hardware shops


Dry cleaners

Pet shops

Post offices


GP surgeries and Dentists – please phone for their latest information.  Help is available for online appointments on request.

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