Testing for care home residents

General Coronavirus Update 6th May 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you are resident in a care home, you will be tested where you live.  The manager of the home can register you for a test – so check that they have done so.  If they haven’t, tell them this needs to be done.  It is highly unlikely they will not want to register you for a test as it is a free service and helps reassure all those who pay for people to live there!

Testing is in your interests because the earlier you start treatment for the virus, the better the chance of avoiding severe complications. 

The test may be done either by a mobile testing unit that visits the home, or by taking a home test with a home testing kit.  Once the sample has been taken, it will be collected by courier and sent for analysis.

Your result will be sent to the manager of the home, so they can inform you of the result and next steps that need to be taken.  For example, being moved to reduce the risk of spreading the infection.  This is only for test results for COVID19 – all other test results will be treated in the normal way.

If you have a Power of Attorney who is legally responsible for you, the result will also be shared with them.  For English residents, your test result will also be sent to your GP to update your medical records.

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