Want to help test a vaccine?

People who live in some parts of Bristol can volunteer to take part in a coronavirus vaccine trial, which pays out £235 to each person.

The potential Covid-19 inoculation, developed at the University of Oxford, will be trialled on humans in the UK from tomorrow (April 23).

Bristol is one of only three areas where volunteers are currently being recruited, the others being London and Southampton.

To take part in Bristol, you must live in the BS1-6 or BS8 areas.

You must be healthy, aged from 18 to 55, and not pregnant or breastfeeding.

Volunteers must not have tested positive for Covid-19 or taken part in a previous trial with an adenoviral or coronavirus vaccine.

Participants will have four to 12 visits over a six-month period, with an optional extra visit one year after vaccination.

Participation is voluntary and people are free to change their mind and withdraw at any time.

Anyone looking to take part can find out how to apply here.

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