Have your say on your local green areas and parks in Bristol.

Future Parks of Bristol City Council want to encourage local people to explore how their Parks and Green Spaces benefit their community. What is already happening that can be built on? What opportunities do people see, and how can we as communities make those opportunities a reality?

They want to work alongside community organisations to generate a groundswell of conversations, inspiration and ideas around Parks and Green Spaces.

National Trust and the Heritage Lottery Fund have invested significantly in Bristol Future Parks to pilot a programme to transform how we manage our parks into the future. Over the next two years the Bristol Future Parks team will work with a range of partners, investors and local communities to rethink how we fund, maintain and reimagine our parks. This will include finding social and environmental impact investment opportunities, exploring how parks can offset the cost of treating health related issues, building community enterprise capacity, and developing new operating models to generate revenue.

There are no pre-conceived ideas as to what the final solutions will involve. Come and have the conversation.

6.30 – 8.30pm, Tuesday, 10 March Knowle West Media Centre, Leinster Ave, Bristol BS4 1NL

1.00 – 3.00pm, Thursday, 2 April The Park Centre, Daventry Road, Knowle, Bristol BS4 1DQ

REGISTER NOW: bristolfutureparks-easton.eventbrite.co.uk

CONTACT: futureparks@bristol.gov.uk

Accessibility in Retail – Dissertation

Are you between the age of 18-30? Could you lend your help to Lydia, a Fashion student studying the accessibility of the retail stores and how this affects those with a physical disability?

The idea is a review based app, which allows users to write and read reviews of retail stores, which specifically focus around the accessibility of the store, and everything that entails. This will mean that people can ensure that a store is accessible before arriving there preventing any embarrassment of potential bad experiences in the store. There will be compulsory features, such as whether the store has step free access or an accessible changing room.

This will provide users with an improved enjoyment of their shopping experience, aiming to reduce the difficulty faced when shopping with extra accessibility needs.

The app will have a feature in which people can sort reviews by the location of the store, specifying the city the store is in, or by the brand.

Alongside the review section, a forum feature will be added to the app which means that people can chat with others who face the same issues as themselves, and to discuss issues that they face. The idea of secret forums will mean that the user will not feel any judgement from other individuals, creating a safe environment.

The format of an app has been chosen to allow for the ease of using it in the go. The app will be intended to be used before the shopping trip, on the go to check if a store is accessible, and after the shopping trip to be able to rate the shopping experience in that store, and help others in this area.

A premium feature will be available, which will allow users to pay a small fee for additional features.

Could you please answer this survey – https://forms.gle/bRq8LAyFHyQuk7jM9

Or alternatively email us at bristoldef@gmail.com with your answers to the following (we will then email over the data collected):

What do you like?

What would you like to add?

How much would you be willing to pay for the premium version?

What would you like to see in the premium version?

How would you see yourself using this app?

Would you use the app? Why or why not?

Have your say on making a Bristol walkway accessible

The forum have been asked to bring a panel of Disabled people together to advise on the design of a walkway.
Would you like to attend a meeting on 23rd March, to give your views on the accessibility of some ideas for improving a shared path? It’s a cycle path that’s shared with pedestrians, not a pavement shared with cyclists. I.E. it’s not a situation where we will discuss the route being for pedestrians only.
Your food and travel expenses will be paid for.
Please let us know if you are interested/available to attend.

The forum have been asked to bring a panel of Disabled people together to advise on the design of a walkway.

Would you like to attend a meeting on 23rd March, to give your views on the accessibility of some ideas for improving a shared path? It’s a cycle path that’s shared with pedestrians, not a pavement shared with cyclists. I.E. it’s not a situation where we will discuss the route being for pedestrians only.

Your food and travel expenses will be paid for.

Please let us know if you are interested/available to attend.

Extra Care Housing and Homecare Survey

Bristol City council would like to hear your views on Extra Care Housing and Homecare. We would like to hear from those already receiving care and support, those who are interested in what services are available so they can plan for the future, as well as their friends and families. Your views will help shape how we plan for and arrange Homecare and Extra Care Housing services in the future. Please visit the following link to complete our survey https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/BristolHomecareECH/

Alternatively, to request an alternative format of the survey please contact Steve Wimhurst or Paul Housden of the Adult Commissioning Team. Tel: 0117 903 6189 or 01173576498 Email: adultcommissioning@bristol.gov.uk

Bristol Ciry Council – Bedminster Green planning

As part of the plans to regenerate the area known as Bedminster Green, Bristol City Council is working on a number of projects to improve the area.

We are seeking feedback from the local community on initial ideas for improving the River Malago and the green, and improving travel around and through the area with better routes for public transport, walking and cycling. We are also proposing changes to parking in the area. We are holding a number of drop-ins for you to come along and discuss the ideas and to give us your own suggestions.

The engagement opportunity is open between the 24th of February and the 23rd of March. Information and an online survey is available at www.bristol.gov.uk/bedminstersurvey.

  •  Monday 2nd of March, Bedminster Library, 16:30 – 18:45
  • Thursday 5th of March, Windmill Hill City Farm, 14:30 – 18:00
  •   Thursday 19th of March, Windmill Hill City Farm, 14:30 – 18:00

On the 5th and the 19th of March sessions, we’ll also be offering a walkabout at 15:45 so you can visit the areas where improvements are being considered.

If you have any queries, please contact transport.projects@bristol.gov.uk or flood.data@bristol.gov.uk in the first instance.

Untold Stories: Follow up gathering / event

It has recently been confirmed that a follow up event of the Untold Stories of Disability History and Activism in Bristol will be happening this Saturday.

  • Sat 28th March 2020
  • 11.30am – 2.30pm
  • Arnolfini Bristol (Theatre Space) 

This event follows on from the event in July 2019 (Untold Stories of Disability History and Activism in Bristol https://bit.ly/2HRNyyH ) 
This event will build on the ideas and conversations from the previous event: 

  • Learning from our histories 
  • Recognising our differences
  • Breaking down barriers 
  • Working together in solidarity

More information to follow soon.
Please e-mail any suggestions, ideas or enquiries to:

Food Strategy Research

 Postcode Films have recently been commissioned by an independent research agency called Hopkins Van Mil, who are helping to conduct a year long review that will be used to inform a multi-disciplinary National Food Strategy, the first of its kind in 75 years. The review, which will make recommendations to the government. Postcode Films have been commissioned to record audio interviews with people who may be less likely to be able to have their say in this way, for a variety of reasons from mobility to work schedules. We want to include as many voices as possible, because the findings from this research will in time affect people of all kinds across England, and no one group should be disenfranchised for reasons of access.   Kate from Postcode lottery is looking into coming to Bristol and hosting interviews (audio recorded and anonymous) to be used as data and in the workshops to inform discussions. The participants would be paid £40 for their time.

In particular at the moment they are hoping to reach people that might fit any of the following descriptions, in case this helps (they don’t have to fit all of these descriptions): 

  • People with mobility issues 
  • People with food related health issues (for example diabetes type 2) 
  • Elderly people

Are you interested in lending your experience to research? Contact Kate on kate@postcodefilms.com

Bristol Sight Loss Council – Come and meet us in Person.

There will be a public meeting to come along to. This will be held on Wednesday 4th March from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm at the Broadmead Baptist Church in the centre of Bristol. You will need to book to attend. If you would like to book, or have any questions or want further information, please contact Alun Davies, the Engagement Manager who supports the Sight Loss Council on 07779 169019. Alun’s email is alun.davies@pocklington-trust.org.uk

“People who are blind or partially-sighted in Bristol – tell us what you think!”

If you are a person who is blind or partially-sighted, over 18, who lives in Bristol, then the Bristol Sight Loss Councils wants to hear from you.

The Sight Loss Council is a group of people who are blind or partially sighted, who have come together as volunteers to work with decision-takers, policy-makers and service providers in the city, to bring about positive change for people with sight loss. The priorities they focus on are education, employment, health and social care, sport and leisure, technology, and transport.

They want to hear from people who are blind or partially sighted, regarding what issues under each of the priorities you want us to work on in 2020. You can do this through filling in a short survey.

If you ring their dedicated phoneline, on 020 8996 1937, you can leave a message and someone will call you back to complete the survey over the telephone with you. You can also request a large-print, Braille or audio copy by ringing the dedicated number. For those with internet access, the survey can be accessed on a computer or mobile phone at: https://forms.gle/JN9cFRShG7urmw6f9

The survey is open from 1st February to 29th February.