Don’t shut Disabled people out of mainstream education Petition

Increased demand upon school budgets, at the same time as less funding from central government, means many Disabled children are not getting the support they need and others are being turned down by mainstream schools because the school knows it can’t meet the young person’s education support needs.  You can read more and sign the petition here:

This campaign is really important and the more support we can get behind it the better chance we have of succeeding.  

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DoDo you or someone you know employ a European PA – or are you one of those PAs? If so this is for you!

Bristol Law Centre can support applications to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) for complex cases. We can also help professionals if they have an individual case they need advice on, please email More information can be found on our website, please click here.

Bristol Law Centre also hosts a Europe Direct Information Centre (EDIC), and will be working with others in the city to ensure accurate information about the scheme and where to get help. 

Quantum Lock Stystem

Worried about your wheelchair ‘sliding’ when you’re on a bus?

One Disabled person, who has no links to the manufacturer, is excited about a new piece of kit that effectively ‘locks’ your wheelchair in place.  Read on to find out more.

Having been a wheelchair user for 20 years hands I’m always very interested to see new developments in technology which aim to make life easier for Disabled people.  Recently on a trip to Edinburgh I was thrilled to find a new piece of technology called “Quantum” on the tour buses which ensured my wheelchair was held securely in place.

Picture of Helen a wheelchair user trying out the Quantum Lock system for her wheelchair on public transport

To activate Quantum all I had to do was position myself in the wheelchair bay so I was centred against the backrest and press a button.  By pressing the button, I set off the automatic locking sequence.  Two side arms descended, gripping my chair’s wheels and locking me into position.  The process took less than 25 seconds and other passengers were able to board whilst the locking process was taking place.  Whilst the vehicle is in transit, the Quantum arms constantly adjust to gain the best grip so you are held steady for the entire journey.  When you arrive at your stop you simply press the button again to release the arms and off you go.  There is absolutely no need for the driver to do anything.  However, if the wheelchair user cannot press the button themselves the driver can activate it from his driving seat.  It is such a simple system to use and makes for a much safer, comfortable journey.

Quantum is designed by the company Q’Straint and is described as the world’s first fully automatic rear facing wheelchair securement station.  As well as wheelchairs Quantum also secures most mobility scooters and it quick and easy to use.  To find out more visit or watch .

I’m telling everyone about it because I think it’s great and wish it were on all busses and coaches.  Despite how it might come across, I have no links to the company and get not ‘perks’ or payment for promoting it.


Farewell to Daphne Branchflower

Daphne Branchflower

It is with great sadness, but an honour, that I write this tribute to Daphne Branchflower. My first memory of meeting Daphne was at the first open meeting of the Avon Coalition of Disabled People 30 years ago, in which she was instrumental in setting it up (later to become the West of England Coalition of Disabled People). She was also involved in numerous other committees, including becoming an early Trustee of WECIL and being an Advisor of Bristol Disability Equality Forum (BDEF) for many years. Daphne served alongside me as a member of the Executive when BDEF transitioned from being a part of Bristol City Council to being fully independent.

Daphne was never one to blow her own trumpet, but was inspirational, courageous, motivated and forceful in all her campaigning work, including working tirelessly in trying to save the Independent Living Fund. Only recently, Daphne became a member of Social Work Action Network South West, including meeting up with Managers of Social Services in Bristol to remind them of their duties regarding Direct Payments and Prepayment cards. Daphne constantly reminded us all about how Disabled people’s rights are moving backwards, and I know she would want us all to remember her as a passionate campaigner and advocate for Disabled people who may not have felt as empowered as herself.

It was a pleasure to have known Daphne as a fellow campaigner, but also as a long-time friend.

Mark Williams