Our AGM – Watch This Space!

Apologies – this event has been postponed!

Bristol Disability Equality Forum’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be on the 30th or 31st Oct 2019, from 1pm to 4pm.

As soon as we hear back from the venue, we will let you know which of those days it will be.  At the latest this will be by the end of this week.

The Forum’s AGM is an opportunity for all our members, those who work, support, fund or partner with us, and Deaf/Disabled people across the Bristol area to hear about:

  1. the work we’ve been doing and our plans for the future;
  2. who will be standing in our annual elections; and
  3. this year’s winner of the Rowen Jade Award.

There will also be a brief section on the formal business that all charities need to do.
We will also be inviting speakers on issues of concern to Deaf/Disabled people.

There will be a short break for networking and connecting, and refreshments.  The venue will be wheelchair accessible, have an hearing (induction)loop and BSL interpreters will be provided.

If you have other, specific access needs, please call 01179 140528 or email bristoldef@gmail.com

Improve Accessibility on the UK’s Railway Networks – A petition by Sophie Christiansen CBE

Close your eyes and pretend you couldn’t get off a train. The doors are closing, no one is around to help you and you fear you’ll end up miles from home. Currently this happens to disabled passengers every single day, with 1 in 10 assistance requests not working.

The Government should include reducing the number of failed assistance requests as a condition for maintaining and awarding franchises (by improving processes & communication, staff training & data collection). The Government and franchise holders should fund greater investment in level access & automatic ramps.

MerseyRail are soon to achieve level access – this is the standard that the whole of the UK should reach. Disabled people have to right to be confident in public transport.

Sign this petition

Stop Making People Travel Unfair Distances for Disability Assessments – Campaign by Claudette Dorey

A journalist from the BBC has been in touch – he’d like to write about this campaign. In particular he wants to hear from people who have been forced to travel a long distance for an assessment, only to get there and find out the staff member assessing them has called in sick, meaning their appointment has been cancelled. If you’ve been made to travel long distances for assessments despite being ill or disabled, and would be interested to speak to a journalist please let the 38 Degrees team know by filling out this quick survey.

I have emailed the new Secretary of State today to ask for a follow up meeting that was promised earlier this year to discuss how we can fix this problem. I have again expressed my concerns about the above issue and am putting pressure on all concerned.

It would be helpful if you would kindly share the petition again with friends, family, collegues – and take the above survey if you’ve been personally affected.

Self-Injury Support Library Now Available

The Self-Injury Support Library is a one-stop collection of useful, reliable and up to date resources on self-injury from around the web. It includes resources designed for numerous groups affected by self-injury from individuals, family and friends to professionals. From self-help tools and general information about self-injury to examples of good practice and lesson plans, the library should be useful for everyone affected by self-injury.

Take a look here:  selfinjurysupport.org.uk/about-the-self-injury-support-libr…