Free Transport to Vaccination Centres being offered by Hartcliffe and Withywood Community Partnership

Hartcliffe and Withywood Community Partnership who run a Community transport scheme for South Bristol are offering free transport to anyone who has mobility issues and needs to get to vaccination centre – in South Bristol these are at Knowle West Health Park and Ashton Gate.

They have so far taken 84 people. You don’t need to be a member and it is open to all ages.

Their phone number to arrange this is 0117 377 3451 or email them on

Help Ellen with her University Research Project on Compassionate Care!

We’ve been asked by Ellen, a Trainee Clinical Psychologist based at the University of Bath. to share the details of a recent project she has launched.

How can we measure the patient experience of compassionate care?

Compassionate Care is really important, so there is a need to capture patient experiences to check that the care they received was compassionate.

The Compassionate Care Measure (CCM) is a new questionnaire that aims to measure these experiences. This project aims to check that this measure is of good enough quality to be used to improve services and patient care. 

She and her research partners are hoping to include the experiences of as many people as possible, including persons with Disabilities, in the research

The research project is being conducted as part of Ellen’s Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. It focuses on the development of a questionnaire which aims to capture patient experiences of compassion within healthcare. This questionnaire will help to inform and improve care received from healthcare staff.

Participating in the study involves completing an online questionnaire about your experiences of attending a healthcare appointment. This takes approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.

To take part, people would need to be 18 or over and need to have attended a healthcare appointment (face to face, video or phone call) within the past month.

The link to the online questionnaire is here:

Are you eligible for COVID-19 testing if you don’t have any symptoms? Plus what to do if you can’t get to a testing site

Image of a woman sitting in a train carrage on her own wearing a face mask.

Rapid (lateral flow) testing is available to certain groups who do not have symptoms of COVID-19.  You can get regular testing if you: 

  1. need to leave your home for work or volunteering,
  2. are employed as a PA or Support Worker for a Disabled person,
  3. live with a child or young person going to school, college or nursery, or are in a childcare bubble or support bubble with them,
  4. live with someone who works in a school, college or nursery, or are in a childcare bubble or support bubble with them,
  5. work in a school or in the wider school community, for example as a school bus driver or an after school club supervisor,
  6. are a childminder or work in childcare.

For information on where to get regular on-site testing (those leaving home for work) or where to collect home test kits (all other groups mentioned above) visit the Council’s website.

If you do get symptoms of COVID-19, you and those you live with must self-isolate and you should book a test at: or by calling 119.

If you do get syptoms of COVID-19 but are unable to get to a test site, you can order a home test kit using the Government’s website or by calling 119.

The completed test kit can be returned at a priority postbox, but if this is not possible they can call 119 to arrange a courier collection and receive advice on the correct time to take the test. Those who are physically unable to use the test kit, and have no-one who can do it for them, should use the contact info provided for those who can’t get to a priority post box.

More information is available on the Government website here: COVID-19 home test: step-by-step guide (adults and children) – GOV.UK (

City of Threads Podcast Launched by Part Exchange Co. Theatre!

The City of Threads logo is square in shape, with the words City of Threads situated in the centre; black text on white background. Fine red wiggly lines emanate out from the title words, tracing fragments of actual journeys featured in the podcast.

Part Exchange Co. Theatre are delighted to tell you that, after two years since the project’s beginnings, the City of Threads podcast has officially ‘dropped’ (as they say in the podcast world)!

You can now find their Welcome episode and first full episode, We’re Going In, on all major podcast platforms. Go to AppleSpotifyAmazon or Google podcasts to take a journey with them.

Here’s a glimmer of what to expect in ‘We’re Going In’, the first full episode…

Meet Lou and her daughter Emily, and Holly and one of her oldest friends Ant as they all head off on the first of the city journeys. You’ll come across the perils’ of A boards, ‘maverick sight’, singing fountains and a very melodramatic cathedral organ. Featured theme; Neuroscience and the Sensory City.

Part Exchange Co. will be releasing an episode on Thursday each week, along with a sister episode two days later which takes a deeper dive into the places and moments of the journeys, using immersive sound design – best listened to on headphones!

Make sure to follow @PartExchangeCo on Twitter and Facebook, where they’ll be sharing weekly glimpses into each episode. 

They look forward to you joining us on the journey, into the City of Threads.

Updates to Test and Trace support payments

Image of a white face mask lying on a pale blue background.

Are you on a low income or self-employed?  

If so, you may be able to apply for a £500 grant if you have lost income because you have had to self-isolate because of having COVID-19.  You must be in low-paid employment or self-employment and unable to work from home.
You can now also apply for the grant if you are caring for a child who is self-isolating.
To get a Test and Trace Support Payment you must either:

Have been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace team or the COVID-19 app.

Be looking after a child under 16 years of age who usually attends an educational or childcare setting but is self-isolating on or after 8 March 2021.

Be looking after someone under 26 years of age with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) who usually attends a nursery, school, college or university but not going because they are self-isolating on or after 8 March 2021.

You must also be receiving one of the following:

Universal Credit,

Working Tax Credit,

income-based Employment and Support Allowance,

 income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance,

Income Support,

Housing Benefit, and/or Pension Credit.

If you don’t receive one of the benefits, you may still be able to get payments if you meet all other criteria.

Find out more about Test and Trace Support Payments on the council’s website.

Census officers visiting households

As of Monday 22 March, census officers are out visiting those households that did not respond to the national survey.  They will encourage you to complete the form and give you help if needed.
All field census officers will be carrying official identification cards.  The card will have a photograph and the officer’s name.  Officers will work in a socially distanced way; they will all be wearing PPE, will not enter anyone’s home and will not visit before 9am or after 8pm.

Anyone concerned that the person on their doorstep is not a census officer can call the number on the critical workers letter that the officer can show them.  You can also ring the contact centre for further advice on 0800 141 2021. 

For more information on how to complete the census go to

Help Miro with their “Disability activism in Europe: Young Disabled Activist’s Views and Experiences” research project!

We’ve been asked by Miro, a Research Fellow in Disability Studies at the University of Leeds, to share the details of a recent project they have launched.

“Disability activism in Europe: Young Disabled Activist’s Views and Experiences” is exploring understandings of Disability activism, politics, and the resistance practices of young Disabled activists across Europe.

Currently, there is an open, online survey exploring opportunities and challenges to participating in Disability activism across Europe, as well as to understand the importance of Disabled people’s social movements.

To take part in the survey, respondents will:
– need to be within the age range of 18 to 35;
– identify as a Disabled person;
– currently live in a European country (EU or beyond);
– have experience or an interest in disability activism.

The survey is available in English, English Easy Read, French, and German.

To take part, or read further information, please visit:

Climate charity Possible#s Car Free Cities campaign and our (The Forum’s) Community Climate Action project

Climate charity Possible has launched its Car Free Cities campaign.

Car dominance is a problem and Possible want to help cities move to a zero-carbon Britain built by and for everyone. We need to keep the roads clear for those who need to drive, and safer for us all to use –  let’s reclaim our streets!

Their project aims to work with local communities to reimagine our neighbourhoods where car dependency is a thing of the past; and to co-design and deliver changes to local streets that take space away from cars and give it back to people and nature.  

Interested?  Then join our Community Climate Action project to ensure that the needs of Disabled people are included in any new plans for Bristol’s streets!

You can find out more about our Disabled people’s Community Climate Action project here:

You can find out more about the Possible campaign here:

Bristol Sight Loss Council Mayoral Hustings – Webinar Hosted by Bristol Sight Loss Council

Put YOUR concerns to YOUR mayoral candidates: Monday 26 April (7-9pm)

Are you blind or partially sighted and live in Bristol? Do your local politicians know the real issues that affect you – like accessible streets and transport, access to education and employment?

Come along to an online webinar on Monday 26 April where you can put your questions to the leading candidates for the upcoming mayoral election, happening on 6 May.

Hosted by Bristol Sight Loss Council, this webinar will be streamed live on Zoom.  We have invited the candidates from each of the four main parties – Conservative, Green, Labour and Liberal Democrats.

Each of the candidates will be given ten minutes to make opening remarks on the Bristol Mayoral Manifesto. The candidates will then answer pre-submitted questions. 

Book your place. The closing date for booking and questions is Wednesday 21st April.

If you wish to register to attend, to send in a question or to get a copy of the manifesto please contact or ring 07779169019.

Sight Loss Councils are funded by Thomas Pocklington Trust and led by blind and partially sighted volunteers. Sight Loss councils work closely with businesses, charities, transport hubs, local politicians and other service providers to improve access to products and services at a local and national level.

Invitation to Bladder and Bowel CONfidence (BABCON) Virtual Coffee Mornings

Bladder and Bowel CONfidence (BABCON) is a local network working to improve the experience for people who are living with bladder and bowel leakage.   They would be delighted to welcome you to an online coffee morning to talk, listen or share about anything related to this.  This informal, safe space will allow for sharing of helpful information, opportunities to get involved or simply to hear and connect with other people in a similar situation.

There are no expectations to have to talk or tell your story, and you do not have to experience these symptoms to join them. If you have any views, questions or thoughts regarding bladder and bowel symptoms, living with them, accessing care, supporting people, then please join us so that we can shape the future of continence support and make sure we focus on the things that are really important.

Join us at 11:00-12:00 on 30th March 2021 using this Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 933 6880 6440

Passcode: 660381

If you would like to have joined the coffee morning but are unable to and would like to provide some comments, please complete a very short online survey so that we can still hear your views and can plan further coffee events at times that might suit you: 

Please drop us an email if you have any questions: