MeetUp Mornings from Bristol Older People’s Forum!

BOPF Meetup Morning flyer

Bristol Older People’s Forum (BOPF) would like to invite you along to their Meetup Mornings on Zoom.  This exciting new project has been set up to let BOPF members meet up and have a chat or discussion with new and old friends on a regular basis.  The content for each of the sessions will be decided by everyone that comes along, and they want it to be informal , relaxed and interesting.

About the BOPF Meetup Mornings 2021

The BOPF Meetup Mornings was launched at the BOPF Open Forum meeting on 25 February 2021, where initial ideas were explored.  

They would like the meetings to be uplifting, fun, interesting, informative and enjoyable, but with a bit of a structure.  Some topics of conversation that were suggested included: Days before the NHS, Places in Bristol and Foreign Cultures and Food…

There will be 13 Meetup Mornings during 2021 approximately every 3 weeks.  Your will find the dates here:

The first BOPF Meetup Morning will be on Thursday 18th March 2021, 10:30 – 12:00.

The meetings will be overseen by Ian Quaife, BOPF Development & Engagement Manager. 

Zoom Registration link

Thursday 18 March 2021

Call for Advocates for Steering Development Group at St Werburgh’s City Farm – Voluntary but Compensated

Image of greenhouse at St Werburgh's City Farm

The natural environment belongs to us all. Help St Werburghs City Farm create a strategy that reflects that. They are calling on local communities, to help in forming a Strategy Development Group.

This group will be made up of approximately 10 ‘advocates’ with specific areas of interest (such as Disability, the Environment or young people) and will act as St Werburghs City Farm’s action research group.

St Werburghs City Farm seeks to become a place that is welcoming to all communities and cultures and to connect with and empower local people in its work.  Building on the Farm’s Equity Report and lessons learned during 2020, St Werburghs City Farm has decided to reassess its strategy for the future.

The new strategy will be inclusive of diverse voices in our local community and will lead the Farm towards becoming a more adaptable organisation – able to respond to the unprecedented times we find ourselves in.

New extended deadline!  – Monday 22nd March. No qualifications or experience needed. Advocates will be compensated with a £50 voucher for each session.

Find out more and apply by visiting

Be on Bristol Citizens’ Panel

Are you interested in becoming part of the Bristol Citizens’ Panel?

The Panel has been running over 20 years but they need to add new members!  It’s an online Panel where residents of Bristol are asked about their views and opinions on a wide range of issues. You will be asked to complete surveys up to 4 times a year and can leave the Panel at any time you choose.

You can take part

Romney Avenue (formerly house numbers 190-196), Lockleaze – Housing Engagement Planning Views Wanted by the Council

Bristol City Council’s housing delivery team is looking at early designs for new affordable homes on a small site located at 190-196 Romney Avenue.  They are at the very early stages of this process and want to reach as many people in the community as possible. This project will be in your neighbourhood and they want your views to help them shape the design.

Tell them what you like and dislike about the proposals for the site.  You can take part at 

This survey will close on 29 March 2021

Share your views with the Council on Taxi Licencing in Bristol

Bristol City Council is consulting on a number of changes to hackney carriage and private hire Licensing in Bristol. They are inviting views from the Taxi and Private Hire trade, people and groups representing the trade and its customers as well as members of the public. 

If you would like a paper copy of this consultation, or the information in an alternative format please email or call 0117 357 4900. 

You can take part at 

This survey will close on 21 March 2021

Special Educational Needs and Disability Surveys Spring 2021 from Bristol City Council

Bristol City Council is inviting views from children and young people (0-25) with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), as well as the views of their parents and carers, on SEND services and provision.  Your experience is really valuable to us. They will use your feedback to help us to improve SEND services and provision. 

Children and young people can take part at

Parents and carers can take part at

These surveys will close on 5 March 2021