Call Out for Archival Material for Forging Our Future Research Group

Image of the inside of Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

The Forging Our Future Research Group has gathered a wide range of oral history interviews from people who were active in the Disabled People’s Movement in Bristol.  We are now working in partnership with Bristol Museum Service to create an exhibition at MShed based on these interviews.  The exhibition, which will be at MShed in 2022, will tell the as-yet untold story of the Disabled people’s movement in Bristol.  It will be supported by a website that tells these stories in more detail.   

Disabled young people in the Research Group have some great material from our oral history interviews with activists, and we want to add to this with photos, archives, or objects that may once have been connected to the story of Disabled activism in Bristol. 

the Research Group want more material from Disabled people. All material can be copied and returned, or deposited with the Museum Service or Bristol Archives.   

If you would like to send any archival material, please send it to Lori through the following SurveyMonkey –