Corona and Kind offers of help

When times are hard it is always lovely to come across so many people offering to help out others. However, when you are a Disabled and older people who is ‘self-isolating’ or ‘socially distancing’ yourself, it makes sense to take one or two precautions.

So, here is a few we recommend:

If possible, only accept help from someone you know and know is trustworthy.

If this isn’t possible, when a stranger (including someone who says they are your neighbour) offers you help you should make sure you find out:

1. Their name
2. Which group they are volunteering with
3. Who runs the group
4. What their contact details are
5. What the group are doing, where they are doing it and why
6. What health and safety precautions they will take
7. What their policy is on keeping you safe
8. Who you can speak to:
– in an emergency
– if you have concerns about the volunteer you are in contact with or
– if you need help or advice.

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