How we operate

Bristol Disability Equality Forum is an organisation of Disabled people, regardless of impairment.  This means all the decision-makers in our organisation are Disabled people.


Disabled person asking a question at one of the Forum's events
Asking the questions that matter

We are also a membership organisation where our trustees are elected by our members.  Each trustee is elected for a three year term.  However, we have a lot of places on our board so we usually hold elections every year.


We have four types of trustee:

  • Area representative
  • Citywide representative
  • Representative of Organisation of Disabled people
  • Representative of an Organisation for Disabled people

These trustees make all the strategic decisions.

Day-to-day work

Paid staff and volunteers do most of our day-to-day work.

Disabled people at our AGM, listening to the Mayor speak
Forum AGM, November 2017

This work involves:

  • Responding to enquiries and providing information
  • Letting Disabled people know about changes and consultations that might affect them, so they can have their say
  • Meeting decision-makers and negotiating improvements to their services and policies
  • Attending committees and Working Groups so we can influence decisions before they are made
  • Lobbying politicians
  • Campaigning for change
  • Raising awareness of Disabled people’s needs and the issues they face.

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