Who we are


Karen Passmore

David Redgewell

Gordon Richardson (Co-Chair & Treasurer)

Suaad Walker


Pat Dyer (work PA to the Forum Manager)

Pat has been Laura’s work PA for more years than she can remember.  She provides the support that Laura needs, as a Disabled employee.

Emma Geen (Project Co-ordinator)

Bethany Stephenson (Administrator)

Dan Bourton (Project Co-ordinator)

Laura Welti (Forum Manager)

Laura has been with the Forum since 2003.  Consequently she has been with the Forum throughout the changes that led it to become a charity.  In that time she has witnessed both the increased rights and support for Disabled people of her early years with the Forum, and the more recent reduction in those rights and support.  Sadly, alongside this reduction she has seen political and public attitudes towards Disabled people become significantly worse.

Years of working across most Council departments and a range of quangos has given her the knowledge and experience essential to the Forum’s work, including our ability to generate income from that knowledge.

Laura has also been an equalities activist for almost all of her adult life.

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