Accessibility in Retail – Dissertation

Are you between the age of 18-30? Could you lend your help to Lydia, a Fashion student studying the accessibility of the retail stores and how this affects those with a physical disability?

The idea is a review based app, which allows users to write and read reviews of retail stores, which specifically focus around the accessibility of the store, and everything that entails. This will mean that people can ensure that a store is accessible before arriving there preventing any embarrassment of potential bad experiences in the store. There will be compulsory features, such as whether the store has step free access or an accessible changing room.

This will provide users with an improved enjoyment of their shopping experience, aiming to reduce the difficulty faced when shopping with extra accessibility needs.

The app will have a feature in which people can sort reviews by the location of the store, specifying the city the store is in, or by the brand.

Alongside the review section, a forum feature will be added to the app which means that people can chat with others who face the same issues as themselves, and to discuss issues that they face. The idea of secret forums will mean that the user will not feel any judgement from other individuals, creating a safe environment.

The format of an app has been chosen to allow for the ease of using it in the go. The app will be intended to be used before the shopping trip, on the go to check if a store is accessible, and after the shopping trip to be able to rate the shopping experience in that store, and help others in this area.

A premium feature will be available, which will allow users to pay a small fee for additional features.

Could you please answer this survey –

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What do you like?

What would you like to add?

How much would you be willing to pay for the premium version?

What would you like to see in the premium version?

How would you see yourself using this app?

Would you use the app? Why or why not?

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