Are you eligible for COVID-19 testing if you don’t have any symptoms? Plus what to do if you can’t get to a testing site

Image of a woman sitting in a train carrage on her own wearing a face mask.

Rapid (lateral flow) testing is available to certain groups who do not have symptoms of COVID-19.  You can get regular testing if you: 

  1. need to leave your home for work or volunteering,
  2. are employed as a PA or Support Worker for a Disabled person,
  3. live with a child or young person going to school, college or nursery, or are in a childcare bubble or support bubble with them,
  4. live with someone who works in a school, college or nursery, or are in a childcare bubble or support bubble with them,
  5. work in a school or in the wider school community, for example as a school bus driver or an after school club supervisor,
  6. are a childminder or work in childcare.

For information on where to get regular on-site testing (those leaving home for work) or where to collect home test kits (all other groups mentioned above) visit the Council’s website.

If you do get symptoms of COVID-19, you and those you live with must self-isolate and you should book a test at: or by calling 119.

If you do get syptoms of COVID-19 but are unable to get to a test site, you can order a home test kit using the Government’s website or by calling 119.

The completed test kit can be returned at a priority postbox, but if this is not possible they can call 119 to arrange a courier collection and receive advice on the correct time to take the test. Those who are physically unable to use the test kit, and have no-one who can do it for them, should use the contact info provided for those who can’t get to a priority post box.

More information is available on the Government website here: COVID-19 home test: step-by-step guide (adults and children) – GOV.UK (

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