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Attitude is Everything are pleased to be launching a new project in Bristol as part of their new Music Cities project. This project, which is supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, seeks to support local Deaf and Disabled people in building accessible music communities.

The Launchpad Initiative aims to support Deaf and Disabled people to develop themselves as events promoters, with Attitude is Everything supplying training and mentoring as participants put on their first events.

They are delighted to be collaborating with the Exchange , a Silver Grassroots Venue on our Live Events Access Charter, on the pilot event.


This event will take place on Monday 29 November and feature live performances from Ooberfuse, cLuMsY and Cariss AuburnTickets available now! 

Complimentary tickets are available on request; please email

Attitude is Everything/Go Gentle/Exchange Online

Thursday 2nd December at 4pm, on Zoom

Meet Iwan and Em from the Exchange and talk about the venue, different projects and next years relaxed performances.  The event will be hosted by Attitude is Everything. 

Email for the link.

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