Bristol City Council Consultations – Libraries, Getting Your Voice Heard and A4018 Improvement Proposals


Have you got ideas or suggestions for your library and its building? Can you help make these ideas happen?

BCC want you to tell them about your ideas or suggestions for your library and its building. They are looking for opportunities for community-led activities and partnerships to create a library service for the future.

Ideas could include extending the service and use of buildings while also looking at the wider needs of the local community. These can be small ideas that could be started quickly, as well as bigger ideas which will make a significant difference to how a library service is provided in the future.

You can submit ideas up until the end of April 2019 at

Getting Your Voice Heard:

Are you interested in becoming part of the Bristol’s Citizen Panel?

The panel has been running for over 20 years but BCC need to add new members! It’s an online Panel where residents of Bristol are asked about their views and opinions on a wide range of issues. You will be asked to complete surveys up to 4 times a year and can leave the Panel at any time you choose.

You can take part at

Do you live in Westbury or use the A4018 on a regular basis?

A4018 improvement proposals.

Take part in BCC’s consultation on proposed changes to the A4108 (Also known as Wyck Beck Road, Passage Road, Falcondale Road, and Westbury Road).

The A4018 is one of the most important routes into central Bristol; therefore it can be very congested throughout the day. Proposed developments to the Filton Airfield site will also increase the number of people travelling via the A4018 over the next few years. BCC have proposed several changes to improve current levels of congestion and meet the growing demand on the A4018.

You can give your feedback on these changes by filling in the survey below. If you want to talk to us about the A4018, you can attend a drop-in session on 23 and 27 February or 4 March. Times and revised venues for the drop-in sessions and more information on the proposed changes is available by clicking the link below. 

You can take part at

This consultation will close on 17 March 2019

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2 Replies to “Bristol City Council Consultations – Libraries, Getting Your Voice Heard and A4018 Improvement Proposals”

  1. I would like to complain about the proposed A4018 improvements. For those of us who live in the affected areas it will cause total chaos on the roads especially the closure of right turns to Charlton Road and Knole Lane (where I live). We will have to do a detour and join roads that are already busy with heavy traffic (namely Greystoke Avenue, Pen Park Road and Crow Lane. I am already concerned about the traffic fumes on our roads and with more cars stuck in traffic jams these fumes will increase. As the new housing development is being built on Filton Airfield (South Glos) I do not understand why the A38 isn’t being suggested as the route into Central Bristol or Patchway for those travelling to the Mall or on to the M5. If the roads can’t cope with the extra traffic then the housing development shouldn’t take place. WOT is a busy shopping area but the proposal to divert traffic away from there will affect trade as people will not be able to park as they do now and the elderly and those less able need to park close to the shops and are not able to use public transport (especially when having to carry their shopping). It seems to me you are just transferring traffic problems from one area to another. Bus lanes will restrict the lanes and cause even more traffic jams. Living on Knole Lane I see near empty buses constantly travelling up and down to the Mall. If people choose not to use the buses then there is no point in putting in extra bus lanes for the few that do.

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