Bristol City Council’s Extra Care Housing Commissioning Plan Consultation

Bristol City Council is reviewing the care and support services delivered in Extra Care Housing (ECH) that are funded by the council’s Adult Social Care budget. The Council is looking at what services are delivered and how the council would like to commission (buy) these services in the future. 

The results of the consultation will inform the final version of the commissioning plan. The consultation asks what you think of:

  1. the key areas of focus for the draft commissioning plan 
  2. the types of care and support services to be commissioned
  3. what the council will pay for future care and support services (pricing options)
  4. the way the council buys care and support services from ECH providers (purchasing options)

To find out more and take part in the Council’s ECH consultation, go to We have also included a copy of the Easy Read version below.

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