Bristol Housing Festival Celebrating Bristol: Share Your Story

Celebrating Bristol: Share Your Story

At this year’s annual housing festival, the organisers would like your help to celebrate Bristol’s communities. They’re asking you, the Bristol residents, to tell them what your community means to you by submitting a 2 – 4 minute video.

They don’t need it to be professional, just you on a smart phone is great. Please film yourself in landscape mode (by holding your phone sideways).

  1. Step 1: Choose a theme below.
  2. Step 2: Film yourself answering some of the questions beneath each theme.
  3. Step 3: Upload your video.

Theme 1: I love my community (e.g.  your neighbourhood, religious group, community group)

  1. What does the word “community” mean to you?
  2. Where do you find community? What do you enjoy about it?
  3. Was there a time in your life when community really made a difference?
  4. How does community make our city better?

Theme 2: I can’t wait for community celebrations (e.g. St. Paul’s Carnival, the Balloon Fiesta, or others)

  1. What is your favourite Bristol community event? 
  2. What do you love about it?
  3. Who do you usually go with?
  4. What’s your favourite memory of this event?
  5. How do these events build community?

Theme 3: Community has been my strength during COVID-19

  1. How did community support you during lockdown? Were there particular groups or organisations that really made a difference?
  2. What kind of support did you most need?
  3. Finish this sentence: I couldn’t live without community because…

When you’ve made your video, press the Ctrl and click buttons on this link: Upload Video to send your film to the Housing Festival organisers.

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