Bristol SEND Crisis march

On Thursday 30th May 2019, people will protest across the UK to raise awareness of failings to those with SEND, their families and education providers who are expected to provide an appropriate education on continuous budget cuts.

The march will bring people together to fight with and for:

  • Parents and carers who are struggling and are frustrated with the SEND system currently in place.
  • Parents who do not believe that this current system is providing fair and equal accessibility for their children, as was promised.
  • Parents from across the country who feel that the current legislative framework surrounding SEND, is not fit for purpose and appears to be designed in such a way to avoid putting in place the required provisions to support their children receive an education to meet their needs.
  • Children and young people who are being denied their basic right to education.

If you believe in fair and equal access to education for all children and young people, join the Bristol SEND crisis march on Thursday 30th May, 1-3pm, outside City Hall, Bristol



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