Changes to Lockdown Rules

1.      Working – If you can work from home you must continue to do so.  But, if you can’t because you work in building or manufacturing jobs, you can return to work from today (13th May).  However, you should only do this if your employer has made sure that you will be safe.  If you are concerned that you won’t be safe you should not work.

2.      Furloughing scheme to continue

The government’s scheme for workers will now continue until the end of October.  From August, the scheme will continue, whatever type of work you do, but with more choice for employers to bring staff back to work (see above).
The scheme will  continue to cover 80% of furloughed workers wages.

3.      Contact with friends and relatives – From today (13th May) in England, two people from different households will be able to meet in outdoor settings – such as parks – but they must stay more than 2m (6ft) apart.  This means you can now meet up with family or friends, as long as there is just the two of you and you keep two metres apart.

4.      Enforcement – The government has said the fines for people who break social distancing rules will be much higher.  However, at the moment we don’t know how much they will be.

4.      Exercise – From 13th May people in England will be able to spend more time outdoors, if it is “for leisure purposes”.  There will be no limit to how much exercise people can do but they still need to follow the social distancing rules.

You can find the full information and more on the government’s website.


Furloughing scheme – This means employers who employ people who cannot work because of coronavirus can get a grant from the government that will pay nearly all of those employees wages.

Enforcement – Enforcement is when people are made to keep to the rules, and punished if they don’t.

Leisure purposes – This means things like walking, having a picnic, playing golf, fishing, cycling, running, photography, etc.  But, most sport is still not allowed.

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