Community Climate Action

Big changes are coming to Bristol. They will change our transport, our housing, our air, our health, our jobs and more. These changes could make life better or worse for Disabled people. We must be part of this change to make sure that the changes make Bristol better for everyone. Let’s create change together!

Bristol is aiming to stop its dirty energy use by 2030. People in Bristol and the council will stop using fossil fuels and lower their waste. This means changes to our transport, use of goods, food, waste, and energy, inside our homes and outside of them. These changes will stop Bristol creating gases that add to the climate crisis. The changes will also help Bristol cope with the effects of the climate crisis.

The Bristol Disability Equality Forum is excited to be part of these changes through the Community Climate Action project. For this project we will work with Disabled people to:

  1. Creative a climate action plan for the Disabled community in Bristol. This plan will help Disabled people in Bristol lower their use of dirty energy.
  2. Make sure that the city’s climate plans are fair and good for Disabled people.

The project will focus on making lives better at the same time as lowering our use of dirty energy.

The role of the Forum is to guide the project. We need you to bring it to life!

Read more about the project.

Make small and affordable changes to make your life more green.

Volunteer Roles

Steering group members: To help guide this work we are forming a steering group of Disabled people in Bristol.

This group will meet once a month for at least a year to guide the project. We will chose members so that the group is as diverse as possible.

Engagement volunteers: Do you like talking to people? Then we want to talk to you! We need people to help on stalls, to help people fill out surveys and to help run activities.

To apply: Email Emma at: