Community Climate Action

Climate change presents considerable challenges and risks to Disabled people, yet this time of change is also an unmissable opportunity to forge a more just society for all.

The Community Climate Action project will put the voices of Disabled people – along with five other Bristol communities – at the heart of discussions around how Bristol transitions to a low carbon and climate resilient city.  

In partnership with Bristol Green Capital Partnership, Bristol City Council and the Centre for Sustainable Energy, we will identify climate priorities for Disabled people and coproduce community climate action plans.

The action plans will focus on improving the quality life for local people whilst simultaneously reducing carbon emissions.

Once the plans are formed we will collaborate with partners in Bristol and beyond to implement them and encourage real, community-led action climate action.

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Volunteer Roles

Steering group members: To help guide this work we are forming a steering group of Bristol residents who identify as Disabled. This group will meet once a month for at least a year to guide the development of the project. Membership is being selected to ensure a diversity of Disabled perspectives and experiences.

To apply: Email Emma at: