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Big changes are coming to Bristol to stop climate change.  These changes could make life better or worse for Disabled people.  So Disabled people in Bristol have made a plan to make sure that the changes make our city better for everyone and the planet.

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Climate change means how our planet’s weather and temperature is changing because people use dirty fuels like oil and gas. This is causing lots of problems in Bristol and around the world. But there are ways of fixing the problem. We can have clean energy, clean air, and a clean city.

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By 2030 Bristol wants to use more clean fuels, like solar panels, and to lower waste, like food that isn’t eaten and plastic packaging.  This means changes to things that are important to us like buses, food, and heating our homes. 

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If the changes are done well this could mean good things for Disabled people, like more accessible buses, better pavements and homes that are cheaper to heat.  Our plan shows how these changes can be made well and stop new barriers being made for Disabled people.  

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We found that 89% of Disabled people care a lot about climate change and 93% are already taking some kind of action. But we have been ignored for too long in the conversation about climate change. It’s time to raise our voices for the changes we want to see.

The Centre for Sustainable Energy found that we already use less dirty energy than most groups in Bristol. So our role in the conversation should be as climate leaders. Let’s make Bristol better for Disabled people now and for the future of the young people we love.

People with power in Bristol and the UK need to come to us and do the work of making action on climate change accessible. But everyone has a part to play. We need your voice.

Bringing the Plan to Life

Following the plan we got money from the National Lottery to start making it happen.

  1. We have added an Energy Champion to our climate team. They are working with Disabled people to enable them to pay less money for their energy and to access energy that is better for the planet.
  2. We are hiring a Transport Champion to push for the transport asks in our plan.
  3. We are starting a Repair Hub. This save mobility aids from being thrown away and sell them on at affordable prices. It will also teach people how to maintain their aids and lend out aids for a while.

We are world leaders

Photo of the Bristol Disability Equality Forum meeting the Government.

The plan is already being listened to.  The week after it was launched we met the people from the UK Government who work on climate change to tell them how to make their work accessible.  They said that Bristol has the best community climate change work in the country.

We also went an exchange to the USA, invited by the US Embassy to share our learnings.

More About The Project

The project is part of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s Community Climate Action project. Five other disadvantaged Bristol communities have also made plans: Ashley Housing Community, Ambition Lawrence Weston, Eastside Community Trust, Heart of BS13, and Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust Read more about the project. It is kindly funded by the National Lottery.

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Volunteer Roles

The role of the Forum is to guide the project. We need you to bring it to life. If you would like to help email Emma at:

Share the Word

Download our posters and put them up or send them to people you know to help get people talking about our plan.


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