Coronavirus ‘Good News’ Update 21st April 2020

1.      Missing the lack of a cultural life?

The Harbour Festival may be cancelled but not all music is lost!  Bristol DJs’ ‘virtual festival’ for the NHS is now online [link].

2.      Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

The national Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme isofficially open, with businesses, charities and Direct Payments’ users able to claim 80% (up to £2,500 a month) towards the wage of each member of staff who has to be ‘laid off’ or who is unable to work for Coronavirus-related reasons.  Updated information can be found here.

3.      Having to work from home?

You may be able to claim tax relief for some of the bills you have to pay because you have to work at home on a regular basis.  You cannot claim tax relief if you choose to work from home.
You can only claim for things to do with your work, for example, business telephone calls or the extra cost of gas and electricity for your work area.
You cannot claim for things that you use for both private and business use, for example, rent or broadband access.
From 6 April 2020 your employer can pay you up to £6 a week (£26 a month) to cover your additional costs if you have to work from home. For previous tax years the rate is £4 a week (£18 a month). You can find out more and see if you are eligible on the government’s website.

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