Coronavirus Update 19th July

Photograph of various items related to Covid-19 including a blue hospital face mask, blue gloves, a mobile phone showing the test and trace system, toilet roll, hand sanitiser and a bottle of the vaccine.

Last Monday the Government announced we will be moving to Phase 4 of their Road Map out of lockdown today – Monday 19 July. 

The government called its plans for coming out of lockdown in 2021, a Road MapPhase 4 is when there are virtually no COVID laws making you do things that make us safe.

But even though most of the COVID-19 laws no longer exist the pandemic is a long way from being over.  The government said Phase 4 is not about anyone stopping wearing a mask, etc but about changing things so that instead of a law forcing us to behave in safe ways it is now up to us to make ourselves do these things.

In Bristol, our infection rates are still increasing and there has been an increase in the number of people with COVID-19 having to be in hospital.  Our rates of vaccine uptake are quite good but we still need lots of Bristol’s younger adults to book their vaccination. Most of Bristol’s new COVID-19 cases are in this age group.

It is everyone’s responsibility to take steps to keep themselves and others safe.  Be considerate and respectful of those around you.  Think about not only your own risks but also of others, particularly those who are clinical extremely vulnerable (CEV).

We are asking you to be very careful and advising people to:

  1.  make sure they have both doses of the vaccination,
  2. wear face coverings in enclosed and crowded spaces,
  3. try to meet outdoors or in well-ventilated indoor areas,
  4. self-isolate and get a PCR test if you have symptoms,
  5. keep taking regular rapid tests twice weekly if you haven’t got symptoms,
  6. wash your hands or use hand sanitiser regularly throughout the day,
  7. cover your nose and mouth when you cough and sneeze, and
  8. stay at home if you are unwell. 

Also, don’t forget that it is still the law that you must self-isolate if you test positive or are told to do so by NHS Test and Trace. 

So, remember, no law making us wear masks doesn’t mean we don’t need to.  We still need everyone to do what will help us beat COVID-19:  

  1. Hands – Clean your hands often,
  2. Face – wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth,
  3. Space – keep plenty of space between people who are not living together,
  4. Fresh Air – when indoors with people you don’t live with, open as many windows as you can, and
  5. Gatherings – keep to the limits on indoor and outdoor gatherings that you have been following for the last month or so.

Thank you.

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