Could you lend your perspectives to a university brief, fighting for diverse representation and empowerment in sex for disabled people?

We’ve been approached by a third year Illustration student who is currently working on a brief based around fighting for diverse representation and empowerment in sex for disabled people.

“The type of work I create is anonymous drawings which use text from interviews to illustrate a subject and investigate something, a bit like ‘Humans of New York.’ I want to create a body of work that challenges pre-conceptions around having sex with a disability and I’m really keen to get some answers to these questions to help me do so! These are just some pointers of questions but I’d love any general comments or opinions I can use in my work. Don’t worry – you will be kept completely anonymous and simple quotes will be used in my work, the actual imagery will be anonymous figures and surroundings, it would be great to talk to people in person if I could!” – Emily

  • What is the biggest misconception you find with sexuality and disability?
  • Do you feel you are generalised when it comes to sex and are you tired of it? What are your experiences around this?
  • How do you tackle problems associated with sexuality and disability – there are so many different ways to have an orgasm, what helps you? (If you don’t mind being that open and honest!)
  • How do you think these pre conceptions can be solved in the future?

If you wouldn’t mind giving Emily your opinions and perspectives on this topic – contact her by email on

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