Council Tax Energy Rebates from Bristol City Council

Graphic: white, black and grey text on a white and red background with the logf for Bristol City Council in the top right hand corner.
Text: £150 council tax rebate for Bristol residents. £150. The £150 council tax rebate is available to households living in property namds A to D.
If you haven't received your rebate yet fill out the online form here: link.
If the form states you're not eligible but you met the criteria on our website, or if your bank details are not accepted, you'll need to call our Citizen Service Centre on 0117 922 2900 who will be happy to help.

Though 117,679 awards have been made to citizens of Bristol, these are largely citizens who pay Council Tax by Direct Debit (DD), Bristol City Council still have 63,670 citizens to send payment to (£9,550,500.00). These will be citizens who do not pay by DD or have recently updated their DD details.

The Council know that there are a significant number of people who have not received the rebate, and that these people are likely to be people who could use it most.

Citizens who have yet to receive an award may not have done so because:

a) They have been unable to access application form online,

b) Their Council tax Liability is covered by Council Tax Reduction and as they don’t “pay” CTAX they may believe they are not eligible, or

c) Those completely unaware of the scheme and pay CTAX by cash deposits at Post office or other method.

You are eligible for the £150 Council Tax Energy rebate if:

1) You are liable for Council Tax at an address valued in council tax bands A to D. (This includes property that is valued in band E but has an alternative valuation band of band D, as a result of the disabled band reduction scheme). This could be you even if you don’t pay Council Tax!

2) You occupied the address on 01/04/2022.

You should apply for the rebate here £150 council tax rebate –

If you are unable to complete the online form, please call Bristol City Council 0117 922 2900 and the form can be completed for you.

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  1. I have rung and emailed BCC a number of times regarding our energy rebate but have heard nothing back. My details were taken over the phone and I was told my payment would be paid manually. We live in a relevant band and pay by direct debit.

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