COVID-19 vaccine update

Image of a small bottle of a COVID vaccine with the label saying COVID-19 Vaccine Injection Only.

There will be a significantly reduced vaccine supply from the week of 29 March 2021, which means that there won’t be as much for first dose vaccinations, so they will be limited.

 There are enough second doses available though. 

Everyone in the top nine priority groups can now book their COVID-19 vaccination, and millions of people have done exactly that over the last few days.  Appointments for first doses are still available for the rest of March, but they are filling up fast. 

If you are in any of the groups of people who can now get vaccinated – that is, you are:

aged 50 or over,

have a health condition that puts you at greater risk, or

a health or social care worker,

and you haven’t booked your first dose yet, the time to do so is right now. 

It’s quick and simple to book at:, by contacting your GP or by phoning 119

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