Disabled People will not get extra £20 Universal Credit ‘uplift’ payment because it’s “too complicated” for the computer system

Computer Says ‘No’

DWP has said that:

–       Disabled people on older benefits e.g. ESA, housing benefit etc can’t get the extra £20 ‘uplift’ Universal Credit claimants get, because it’s “too complicated” for the computer system;

–       the emergency £20 was only ever intended for new claimants, and it was a “windfall gain” for existing ones ;and,

–       it wanted to help “people affected by the pandemic”. 

In other words, DWP thinks:

a.   Disabled people haven’t been affected by the pandemic, and

b.   If you were already poor, you don’t need money to meet the extra costs of Covid-19!

Tweet @theresecoffey, @JTomlinsonMP and @dwppressoffice today to demand an equal uplift for all on income- or disability-related benefits. 

4.  Discrimination: know your rights! If you’ve been treated unfairly or less favourably from other people, this may be discrimination. Bristol Law Centre offers free phone advice, call 0117 924 8662 10-4 Mon-Fri or email mail@bristollawcentre.org.uk 


5.  WECIL (The West of England Centre for Inclusive Living) offers advice & support to help with applying for disabled people’s related welfare benefits. Call 0117 947 9922 or email disabledpeopleshelpline@wecil.co.uk to book an appointment.
 – https://youtu.be/9efPH6tR_AA

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