Draft Plan

Over the summer of 2021, we asked for your thoughts on what should go into our community climate action plan. The steering group assessed the most successful of these ideas and put together the draft plan below.

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You said that the potential problems in the broader City’s Plans are…

Limiting private vehicle use could cause difficulties.

  1. No alternative but to drive for many.
  2. Pedestrianisation and reduced parking spaces could limit access. 
  3. Electric cars not affordable.

Pavements need to be improved.

  1. Bumpy. 
  2. Used by parked cars, scooters, bikes and outdoor seating.

Public transport needs to be more accessible.

  1. Not enough wheelchair space on buses. 
  2. Bus stops, stations and the journey to them needs to be accessible. 
  3. Staff not Disabled friendly. 
  4. More routes needed. 
  5. Needs to be more affordable.

Changes to food must accommodate the dietary needs of people with health needs.

Green spaces must be accessible.

The Solutions you suggested were…

Improve pavements

Improve public transport 

Disabled people need to help create the Council’s plans (and be paid for it).

Support Disabled people to acquire electric vehicles.

Create more Disabled parking spaces.

Ensure that Disabled people who have no alternative can drive.

Make green spaces accessible.

BDEF to hold positive but challenging conversations with the council.

Mobility equipment for hire.

Education for Disabled people. 

Don’t limit food options.

The ideas that we are carrying forward for our plan are…


Hire a transport champion to make transport more accessible for Disabled people.

  1. Conversations and engagement with public.
  2. Lobbying service providers, businesses and councils.
  3. Run accessibility training for public transport staff.

Map local pedestrian and cycle routes which are wheelchair and electric scooter-friendly, and identify areas of improvement.

Print leaflets that can be left on cars parked illegally.


Hire an Energy Champion:

  1. Gives Disabled people information
  2. Supports Disabled people with grants (e.g. solar panels)
  3. Supports Disabled people to switch providers
  4. Runs regular Accessible Green Energy Open Home events
  5. Runs other events and workshops


Create a nature accessibility audit team.

Host a crowdsource map where people can map accessibility problems in green spaces for charities and council to tackle.


Create accessible allotments:

  1. At current allotment sites
  2. In spaces where Disabled people can easily access, such as supermarket car parks. 
  3. Public map created to help Disabled people to find them.

Run cookery lessons with sustainable food for Disabled people.


Create a Disabled person run repair café for mobility equipment.

Create a library of things with equipment Disabled people need


Create a Disabled people’s Climate Action Plan Reference Group plugged into the council.

Run training to make sure green jobs are accessible.


Training and resources to run campaigns to:

  1. Make green spaces accessible.
  2. Ensure all new homes are built to be adaptable without major works.
  3. Lower initial (& repair) costs for disability aids & make individual parts repairable.
  4. Ensure mobility equipment is available for those who need to use it (e.g. shopmobility).