Energy charges to soar

The End Fuel Poverty Coalition is asking people to sign their petition protesting at this week’s huge rise in energy prices.

The petition is in response to the organisation that decides the maximum amount we can be charged for energy (called Ofgem) having agreed to our being charged a lot more from 1 October.

Fazilet Hadi, the Head of Policy at Disability Rights UK, said: “Many Disabled people live with money worries day after day, year after year, and this has worsened during the pandemic.”  

The removal of the Universal Credit weekly uplift (the £20 increase in UC during the pandemic) plus increasing food and petrol prices, and the high rise in energy costs will force many more Disabled people and their families into even greater levels of poverty.

Fazilet’s advice is: “Please sign the petition and increase the pressure on Ministers to act.”

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