Event from Bristol Beacon: The Anatomy of the Orchestra – Paraorchestra with Charles Hazlewood

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The orchestra is a thing of wonder, and of mystery. Many musicians making a perfect collective sound; how does this happen?

The Anatomy of the Orchestra, an immersive part-installation part-concert, returns to Bristol Beacon on Sunday 27th February.

Led by Charles Hazlewood and performed by Paraorchestra, this live performance promises an inclusive, 360-degree feast for the eyes and ears; an extraordinary sonic adventure.

Filmed as part of a new documentary for Sky ArtsThe Anatomy of the Orchestra invites you on set, to wander amongst a live orchestra and explore its inner workings as it performs Steve Reich’s The Four Sections.

The Anatomy of the Orchestra makes up one of six episodes of a documentary presented by Paraorchestra Artistic Director, Charles Hazlewood, exploring the 21st century orchestra. With Paraorchestra at its core it will tear down the old-fashioned ideas of what an orchestra is, and, in turn, demonstrate exactly what a modern orchestra can be. The series will be available to view on Sky Arts and Freeview later this year.

All ages (Under 16s to be accompanied by an adult)

Performance 1
Audience Arrival: 13:00
Start time: 13:30

Performance 2
Audience Arrival: 14.15
Start time: 14:30

Performance 3
Audience Arrival: 15.15
Start time: 15.45

The Anatomy of the Orchestra is a standing / walking performance. Some seating will be available for anyone unable to stand for long periods of time.

Please note that all three performances are being filmed for a new series, available to view later this year on Sky Arts and Freeview. By attending any of the performances, you consent to being filmed by Sky Arts.

It would be fabulous for many of us Disabled people to go as possible – not only in support of the Paraorchestra but to make viewers realise that we are just as keen to attend events as not-yet Disabled people are.  Too often, places are not accessible and it is not unusual for the response to a Disabled person raising the issue to be ‘Disabled people don’t come here’.

Find out more information and book your ticket at: https://bristolbeacon.org/whats-on/the-anatomy-of-the-orchestra/?utm_campaign=enews&utm_medium=email&utm_source=bristol-beacon-enews&dm_i=4YPU,MJOO,2F30SA,2Q822,1

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