Everyday people doing science on plastic

Be part of a community of everyday people acting as scientists to answer important questions and making a real difference.

When we think of plastic in our homes we often think of plastic bottles and packaging.  But our homes also contain lots of plastics that we can’t see, such as clothes, carpets, curtains, blinds and beds.

These are very small bits of plastic called microplastics.  They float around our homes until they are breathed in, land or, go out through windows and doors.  There are more of them indoor than outdoor, but we don’t know how there is, where it comes from, or how to make less of it.  As Disabled people can sometimes have to use a lot of plastics for health reasons this is a big issue for us.

University of the West of England has been working with the Universities of Leeds on Homes Under the Microscope.  They are working with everyday people to look at microplastics in the home.

Join us and find out how many microplastics are in your home.  To take part register online.  You will be sent a pack to use through the post that will tell you what to do to take samples of the microplastics.

Sign up here: https://homesunderthemicroscope.co.uk/join-in/

Picture shows a magifiyig glass over a petridish. Text reads: Looking for people in Bristol to measure the amount of microplastics in their homes. Recruitment opens in January! Homes Under the Microscope @MicroscopeHomes homesunderthemicroscope.co.uk
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