Feeding Bristol Support Fund Grant

As part of the Household Support Fund that is coming into the city this winter,
Feeding Bristol will be helping the Council to give out funds around Bristol to help get food to those most likely to be finding it hard with the cost-of-living crisis. Groups in the city will get help to take action on food for the people that they work with.
If you have any needs, ideas or projects that you/your group are interested in get in touch with Feeding Bristol.
For example:

  1. Food Clubs, Community Fridges/Freezers and Food banks in disadantaged wards
  2. Ideas in line with the Food Equality Strategy
  3. Welcoming Spaces to run projects like food parcels or community meals

To get funding, you will need to give Feeding Bristol:

  1. A short outline (equivalent of 1 sheet of A4 or less) of what the funds will be used for and who will benefit,
  2. An estimate of budget,
  3. An estimate of: The number of people that will be helped and the groups that will benefit (e.g. families, homeless, disabled, older people, black and minority ethnic communities, single households, etc…) the increase in capacity of your project

If you have any questions or want to chat about this, please email
Ped Asgarian – ped@feedingbristol.org

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