Give Your Views to Bristol City Council on the Falcondale Road/Henbury Road Junction

Bristol City Council are proposing to carry out traffic signal refurbishment works at the crossroad junction with Falcondale Road and Henbury Road and proposing a new 24 hour bus lane for a short stretch along Falcondale Road

For an opportunity to have a say about these proposals, review the plan and fill in a short survey.  

You can take part at

This survey will close on 8 May 2022.

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3 Replies to “Give Your Views to Bristol City Council on the Falcondale Road/Henbury Road Junction”

  1. Why is Bus Lane 24 hour when First Bus don’t run No 1 all night.
    No 13 bus runs on Henbury Road so won’t enter it however T7
    from Newport and Chepstow could do,
    A fault with the present lights is that the treadle in Henbury Road outward must be triggered before traffic can be released. from the road opposite. Can some form of maximum time be
    introduced before the sequence of light changes takes place?

  2. As a pedestrian who frequently crosses Falcondale Road at this junction I am surprised that you think the island on the northern side of the junction is inadequate. I have never found it so. Likewise I can see no reason to enlarge the pavements as they are perfectly adequate in my experience. I would not support removing the island/central refuge as I will in future have to cross Henbury Road and then Falcondale Road and still be on the wrong pavement for walking into the village. Along this section of Falcondale Road the pavements are so wide that cars park on it without obstructing the footway for pedestrians so i can see no good reason to enlarge them; conversely an argument could be made for widening the roadway!!

  3. As a constant user of this junction I think it’s a good idea to have right turn only into Henbury road, but why the need for a bus so near to the traffic lights with some vehicles turning left and others going straight on and getting into the right hand lane to turn into Canford lane

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