Help Ellen with her University Research Project on Compassionate Care!

We’ve been asked by Ellen, a Trainee Clinical Psychologist based at the University of Bath. to share the details of a recent project she has launched.

How can we measure the patient experience of compassionate care?

Compassionate Care is really important, so there is a need to capture patient experiences to check that the care they received was compassionate.

The Compassionate Care Measure (CCM) is a new questionnaire that aims to measure these experiences. This project aims to check that this measure is of good enough quality to be used to improve services and patient care. 

She and her research partners are hoping to include the experiences of as many people as possible, including persons with Disabilities, in the research

The research project is being conducted as part of Ellen’s Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. It focuses on the development of a questionnaire which aims to capture patient experiences of compassion within healthcare. This questionnaire will help to inform and improve care received from healthcare staff.

Participating in the study involves completing an online questionnaire about your experiences of attending a healthcare appointment. This takes approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.

To take part, people would need to be 18 or over and need to have attended a healthcare appointment (face to face, video or phone call) within the past month.

The link to the online questionnaire is here:

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