Help Pippa with her Dementia Carers Research Project!

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Text: Wanted! Are you a a partner of someone living with dementia at home? I'm a postgraduate student at Bristol university, with some expereince of dementia caring. Your experieiences and wellbeing as a partner of a person living with dementia are extremely important and valuable and your assistance and time is much appreciated. I'm searching for partners to take part in my research project. You need to have been living at home with a partner diagnosed with dementia for more than a year. The research will be based online, and you will need access to a computer, the Zoom application and your own email to take part. Research will include an introductory session, a short survey and an informal interview. It will lonly take around an hour of your time. The project will give you a chance to share the highlights and challenges of being a partner but also provides an opportunity to share your thoughts on your well-being, support and the future. For further information, queries or details, or to participate please contact Pip Collier via email at Phone: 0770 6200 116.

We’ve been asked by Pippa, a postgraduate student at the University of Bristol, to promote and recruit participants for her dissertation research project on the mental well-being of partners who are caring for their partner living with dementia at home.

The research will provide opportunities for partner carers to share their stories, their experiences, and any support they find helpful. The impetus for this research has stemmed from the prevalence of social experiences of dementia and Pippa’s own family. 

The research will involve an introductory session, a short survey lasting 5/10 minutes via email and an online interview via Zoom lasting around 45 minutes. This will be done sensitively at a convenient time and date. All information and results will be confidential, and results will be reported in a paper and pamphlet available to all participants.  

For further details and to take part, contact Pippa by email or phone 0770 520 0116.

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