How would you like to earn £500 for you and a friend (each!) and appear in an advert?

A casting director is desperately seeking a Disabled person, preferably someone who uses a mobility scooter, wheelchair or mobility frame, to take part in an advert for the 2021 census which will be filming in Bristol in the coming weeks.

The purpose of the census is to collect data on the population so that public needs can be adequately met. This includes provision of affordable housing, transport routes and access.

It is a paid opportunity, and should be fun!

They must be aged at least 17, they would be needed for 3-4 hours max on one of the days and the location will be a bus stop in or around Bristol. (Hollywood here we come!)

The fee is £500 and it is preferred that anyone wishing to apply do so with a friend, family member or carer who would also get £500.

The two people should be in a bubble so that they can safely and legally be sitting next to each other at the bus stop.

Anyone who would like to apply should send a picture with their names, ages and location, and ideally a short video introducing themselves and how they know each other to:

Good luck!

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