Hygiene adivce for PA’s are carers

COVID-19 (corona virus) Update 21.03.2020

Managing infection control

Worried about getting supplies of sanitiser etc for your PAs or carers?  Then read on.

I’ve just spoken to a qualified clinician about what local NHS staff are being told to do to reduce the risk of COVID-19 and she has told me the following:

1.  For cleaning surfaces, use bleach at a strength of 10mls of bleach to 100ml water, as this is much more effective than any sanitiser liquid you can buy.  But, don’t use this for your skin.

2.  Don’t use masks as your breath creates a warm damp environment inside the mask that actually encourages the virus to multiply.

3.  The most effective way to reduce transmission via your hands is by,

– cleaning them with soap and water for at least   

  20seconds each time and washing them


– not wearing gloves for anything you wouldn’t

  usually use them for, and definitely not wearing

  them for any significant period of time as the

  damage this can do to your skin.  That matters

  because damaged skin is susceptible to every

  germ going around;

– open doors with your bottom rather than your

  hands and, where the doors are shut and need

  you to use a handle to open them, wipe them

  down with the bleach mixture in point 1 above;

– press any buttons to make things work e.g. lift

  buttons with your knuckle instead of using your


4. Get your PAs (or carers) to do one or more of the free, online training modules in hygiene and infection control.  The address is:


5.  If, you have very specific clinical need to use gloves etc, have a word with the pharmacy you usually use.  They are likely to be happy to help you access supplies.

I am also waiting to hear what support the Council will be offering Disabled and older people so check back here every few days for any updates.

Keep safe and well,


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