Important News for all Disabled people with a car

The Council has announced that, with the exception of Easton & St Philips RPS, the Council will be increasing Pay and Display charges and Permit tariffs in all other Residents’ Parking Scheme areas.  

Notices of these changes (called a Notice of Variation), providing detailed information about the new charges, will appear in the Bristol Post on 10 May.   The increased charges will start on 6 June 2022.

Parking for Blue badge holders’ stays unchanged.  Blue Badge holders don’t need a permit to park in any Residents’ Parking Scheme area and can park for free without a time limit in:

a) permit holders only bays,

b) shared use bays,

c) pay and display bays.

To see the Notice of Variation documents, please visit from 10 May to 6 June 2022.

Please note, the Council says this is not a consultation exercise, it is just to let you know about the parking increase.  This is because it was agreed as part of the Mayor’s Budget for 2022/23.

The Forum’s view of this change is that it seems to completely ignore the cost of living crisis many people in Bristol are experiencing – especially Disabled people and families that include one or more Disabled children or young people.  An increase that is a lot higher than was talked about when the Mayor drew up his draft budget. We welcome the continued protection for Blue Badge holders but worry what will happen to all those people in the city who live on benefits. Where are they supposed to get the money for their parking permit?

Before the current crisis, 50% of all Bristol homes living in poverty included one or more Disabled person.  How much that will increase will depend on what local and national government does to exempt people on a low income from price increases – including this one.

The Forum has also always thought that the Residents’ Parking Zones have got it wrong.  Surely, if we are to charge people for using their car it should be when that car is away from their home – because it is in use (except when it is an access need)?

Instead, Bristol is charging people to leave their car at home when they go to work, rather than charging people who take their car with them!

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