Inquiry into Challenging Decisions about Adult Social Care from the Equality and Human Rights Commission

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In a new inquiry, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) are studying how older and Disabled adults and unpaid carers can challenge local council decisions about their social care or support in England and Wales.

Decisions about people’s access to social care or support – such as someone’s right to it and what kind of care or support they can access – can really affect the self-respect and inclusion of many Disabled and older adults, as well as unpaid carers. It is vital that someone can easily challenge a decision if they feel it leaves them without the right support.

Looking at England and Wales, EHRC will examine people’s experiences of challenging decisions made by their local councils about social care for older and Disabled people or support for unpaid carers. They will consider if these decisions can be meaningfully challenged if they fall short, and if the current ways to do so are accessible and effective, including whether high quality support is available.

To find out more information about the inquiry, go to:

Survey for those Accessing Social Care

EHRC have launched a survey to kick-start the inquiry’s evidence collection. They want to hear from adults in England and Wales who are accessing or have tried to access social care or support, including unpaid carers accessing support for their caring role. The survey asks some questions about the impact of decisions made by local councils about people’s access to social care or support, and experiences of challenging decisions. It will be open until 15 September.

To fill out the survey, go to:

You can find the British Sign Language (BSL) version of the survey at the following link:

You can find the Easy Read Version by clicking the download button below.

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