Long Covid

(First paragraph comes from The Bristol Cable‘s email newsletter 6th May 2022.)

” 😷 The number of Bristolians thought to have long covid is “frightening”, local health bosses have said. 
An estimated 12,500 residents in the city have the condition, recently described by a support group founder as the “biggest mass disabling event in history”. Jen Tomkinson, head of specialist services at healthcare provider Sirona, which is running Bristol’s long covid services in partnership with a wide range of NHS partners, said:
“The numbers are frightening – 12,000 people in our area certainly gives me palpitations”.

Forum Manager, Laura J Welti said:”We have been warning that this would happen.  I wish we had been wrong but, with little government or Public Health England public information about the chances of catching long Covid,  and its effect on your life, this is not surprising news. 

“They especially have not made clear that you can get long COVID, whether you’ve had a bad or mild dose of COVID.  So, it was inevitable that a relaxation in mask wearing, social distancing and staying at hope if you have COVID, would lead to this.
“Perhaps if the messaging had been stronger, more would have considered vaccination, too.”

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