Looking to do something different to stop yourself be coming bored?

The why not brush up your skills and try one or two of the suggestions below.

People with learning disabilities chat

The self-advocates at Change and People First (Self Advocacy) have set up a weekly Zoom chat called People with learning disabilities chat so self-advocates can link up with each other during difficult times.  The meetings will take place every Wednesday at 11am.

To join the Zoom Meeting just click this link


If you are asked for a password you will need to put in 100.

You can download the meeting into your calendar system by clicking here.

The Zoom Meeting ID: 703 850 589

Coronavirus Tech Handbook

Newspeak House has set up a website full of information relating to the COVID-19 outbreak, including resources for civil society organisations.  Find resources and contribute your own at: coronavirustechhandbook.com

Housing Systems free e-learning

Housing Systems have put together a free e-learning module on Coronavirus and Benefits.

The team at Housing Systems hope you find it useful and would encourage you to share it with anyone who might find it helpful too.

The module can be found here: https://www.housingsystems.co.uk/COVID-19/E-Learning

Research Institute for Consumer Affairs survey

The Research Institute for Consumer Affairs (RiDC) conducted a snap survey of their panel members, to get information on the impact of government measures on disabled and older people.  Most shockingly, half of respondents who received social care at home report no longer having any in person health or personal care visits to their home.

See more details and remaining survey results: https://www.ridc.org.uk/news/covid-19-impact-disabled-and-older-people-uk

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