Mural Project for Bristol Asylum Seeking People and Disabled People: Our Experiences of the Covid Pandemic

Bristol Reclaiming Independent Living (BRIL) and Disability Murals are making a painted mural bringing together Disabled people and people in the asylum system (whether or not they identify as Disabled) to show peoples’ messages about the impact of Covid.  You have five days left to send them initial ideas and images.  If you cannot email and wish to post your ideas, please get in touch with Rebecca at the phone number in the contact details below to request a stamped envelope.

“We are inviting Disabled people asylum seekers and refugees to join us for a new project.  We will be making a mural, or a big painting, in Bristol.  We want to show other people:

1} What our lives are like.

2} What we want to change.

You do not need to be good at drawing!  You can put your ideas in words, drawings or photographs.  Everyone will be given anything they need to take part that they do not already have.  For example, pens and paper.

If it is safe we will meet up.  Or we can talk on the phone, or meet on the internet.  We will decide together what we want other people to know about our experiences during Covid.  An artist will help put all the ideas together into one big mural.  The mural will be shown in Bristol.

When the mural is finished we will have a big celebration.  We will invite people who we want to see the mural and to hear what we need to say.  We will explain our messages.  We will work together to try to make things better for all of us.”

If you are interested and would like know more, please get in touch!  Email Andrew at or phone Rebecca on 07986 897234.  Or contact Beth on 0117 914 0528.

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