Nasal only rapid tests

The government has begun rolling out packs of nasal only lateral flow (rapid) tests, called ACON Flowflex, across the country. We will soon begin to see these tests in Bristol as stocks are renewed.

These tests are being introduced alongside, and in some cases to replace, the nose and mouth swabs, to make the testing process less unpleasant and more efficient when doing them from home.

The test works in the same way as the current nose and mouth tests, but instead of swabbing your throat as well, you only have to swab the nose. This test is best used by people who do not have symptoms of COVID-19.

Before taking a home test, it is advised you try to:

avoid eating, drinking, smoking or vaping 30 minutes before or during the test
avoid taking the test if it is damaged
throw away all the test materials, once you’re done, in household waste
wash your hands before and after use

No tests will be wasted – so you may still be able to pick up some nose and mouth tests for some time. Please make sure to read the instructions on your testing pack thoroughly before and during use.

If you have symptoms of the virus, self-isolate immediately and book a PCR test which is analysed in a laboratory.

To remind yourself how to do a nose and mouth test, visit the website

To read the instructions for the nasal only tests, visit the website

If you’d like any information on COVID-19 in Bristol or want to know anything about it, head to our Coronavirus Updates page.

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