New Level Playing Field survey shows discrimination and abuse experienced by Disabled fans at Football matches

Findings show that Disabled football fans are discriminated against   when they go to away games. The survey was by the charity Level Playing Field (LPF).

Of more than 600 Disabled football fans:

43% had some form of abuse or negativity at them at an away match in the last 5 years.

26% had verbal abuse.

16% had experienced disability-related offensive songs, chants or gestures.

13% said that “fear of disability abuse” was a barrier for them when attending away matches.

There is also conern about how staff at grounds have poor levels of Disability awareness.  Public transport to the matches is inaccessible and stadiums have general access problems.

Mikey Erhardt, Communications Officer at Get Yourself Active, said:

“These new findings from our friends at Level Playing Field paint a stark picture of the reality of being a sports fan as a Disabled person.

In a month that has seen the governing bodies that run the “beautiful game” fail Disabled fans, it is clear that individual clubs also need to do more to support Disabled people’s right to enjoy the world’s favourite sport.

We want to see changes made quickly, with stadium staff empowered to root out those who chant at or intimidate Disabled fans. We wish to see more training given to staff to understand the needs of Disabled fans, and more thought given to accessibility in the design of spaces and services.”

You can find out more about the survey results in this article from LPF on their website:

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